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Double H Farm Facilities

Double H Farm is located at first class facilities in both Ridgefield, Connecticut and Wellington, Florida.

Ridgefield, CT

Our circa-1765 Connecticut farm is rich in history. Formerly known as McKeon Farm, the oldest working farm in Ridgefield, its dairy operation closed in 2000.  Looking even further back, in 1781, French troops under Rochambeau camped on McKeon farm during the Revolution.

Since 2005 the farm has undergone a series of renovations to turn it into a world-class equestrian facility. On its 87 acres, Double H Farm features two beautiful barns. The main barn has 20 stalls, four grooming and wash stalls, and laundry, tack and feed rooms. It also features a large trophy room and lounge, two offices, and a full kitchen. The second barn, built for the breeding operation, has 14 stalls and two grooming and wash stalls. It also has laundry, tack and feed rooms, and one office. Additionally, there are 8 stalls in an outside shed row that are used in all but the winter months.

Double H's training facilities include two five horse walkers, a treadmill, an equine spa, an 80 x 180 foot indoor ring with excellent Travel Right footing, and a large 135 x 280 foot outdoor ring with perfect ESI footing. There is also a beautiful 3.5 acre Grand Prix field, complete with two open waters, double liverpools, a table bank, a slide bank, a grob, a ditch and a hedge jump.

Finally, with its beautiful land and open spaces, Double H has 11 large grass paddocks, and four smaller sand paddocks. There are also numerous paths throughout its wooded areas for gorgeous and relaxing trail rides.

Wellington, FL

Our Wellington facility is brand new and much larger than our previous Florida property. It features a main barn with 20 stalls, 4 wash stalls, 4 grooming stalls, laundry, tack and feed rooms. This barn also includes an office, full kitchen, gym, and a lounge and wet bar.

Additionally, we have an equine treadmill and spa, covered walker, lunging ring and farrier's shed. At this location we have a large sand ring with excellent Martin Collins footing as well as a grass Grand Prix field complete with an open water, in-ground liverpool and table bank. Lastly, the property has 9 grass paddocks for turn out.

Ridgefield, Connecticut Facility
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Wellington, Florida Facility
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Wellington, Florida FacilitiesWellington, Florida FacilitiesWellington, Florida FacilitiesThe Barn in WellingtonThe Barn in WellingtonWellington, Florida FacilitiesWellington, Florida FacilitiesWellington, Florida FacilitiesWellington, Florida FacilitiesWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellingtonWellington

Double H Farm
Double H Farm - Wellington Florida