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Biostar EQ Powers the Horses of Double H Farm

Wellington, FL – March 18, 2013 - Double H Farm and show jumper Quentin Judge are pleased to announce their continued sponsorship with Biostar EQ, a line of organic equine performance supplements and whole food. Owned and operated by the Harrison family, Double H Farm focuses on show jumpers and hunters that are born to compete at the top level. After starting their horses on the supplements three years ago, everyone at Double H Farm has discovered the incredible benefits of Biostar’s “whole food difference.” 

Biostar focuses on the fact that horses that eat whole food regularly spend less time digesting and absorbing feed and supplements and more time utilizing nutrients to heal and repair their bodies. Biostar calls this bioavailable nutrition, a key benefit of the whole food difference.



Biostar products use live sprouted ingredients and gentle dehydration techniques to maintain precious enzymatic activity. The supplements contain nothing genetically engineered, synthetic or artificial, no petroleum derivatives or other made-in-the lab vitamins, no fillers, binders or excipients - only pure and best-in-class whole food ingredients.

Biostar owner Tigger Montague is proud to support Quentin Judge and Double H Farm and loves seeing their horses perform at the top of the sport. “It is an honor for Biostar to sponsor Quentin and the Double H Farm horses because of their excellence in horse care and their excellence in horsemanship and performance,” Montague stated.

Judge’s top mounts HH Dark de la Hart and HH Calvano are both powered by Biostar whole foods along with the other horses in the barn. Judge explained how he was first introduced to Biostar and the proven results that they he has seen.


HH Calvano is powered by BioStar. Photo © Al Cook.


“We got started with Biostar because we had a horse that had all of a sudden changed in his performance,” Judge stated. “He started to get really sour and not jump well and we came to find out that he had terrible stomach ulcers and about 98% of his stomach lining had been affected. Dr. Timothy Ober recommended that we try Biostar because it is all whole foods, nothing processed, no chemicals, nothing that could affect the horse’s system negatively. We started him on that and within about two months the horse was back to full health and recovery. Once we saw those results we started to use the product on the whole barn and try it on all of the horses.”

“It is such a great product,” Judge acknowledged. “You know exactly what you are giving your horse. You know that what you are feeding them is all organic whole foods, naturally derived, and you are not giving your horses some unknown substances. With a lot of products, what you think you are getting you may not actually be getting, or even worse, you might be getting things that you are not expecting. We wanted to remove all of the unnecessary ingredients and potentially harmful additives from our horse’s diets.”

The Double H Farm horses are all on two main Biostar products: Empower EQ, an organic hemp seed oil that provides essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals, as well as Optimum EQ, a whole food multi vitamin/mineral for horses. They are then able to add in other Biostar supplements that are necessary for each individual horse. The Biostar supplements are included in an all-natural feeding program at Double H that includes whole oats, whole barley, beat pulp and flax seed.

“The best thing about Biostar is that it gives your horse whole body health and it is easy to tailor per horse,” Judge noted. “It is very specific and every horse we have had on Biostar products just completely changes and benefits. You can give your horse exactly what they need without giving them anything extra. They look good, they feel good. We have seen great results. The whole program has been developed with Dr. Tim Ober in contact and he knows as much as you can know about horses and health and what they need to have, so we really believe in it.”

For more information on Biostar EQ products and whole food diets for horses and canines, visit their website at

About Double H Farm
Based in Ridgefield, CT, and Wellington, FL, Double H Farm focuses on show jumpers and hunters that are born to compete at the top level. With riders Rodrigo Pessoa, Quentin Judge, and Cayce Harrison, the horses of Double H Farm show at the best competitions in North America and the world. Double H Farm has seven amazing stallions available for breeding, and there is always a selection of high quality hunters and jumpers available for purchase.

For more information, please visit www.doublehfarm.orgvisit their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter at @Double_H_Farm.


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